Kayla + Xavier

Our Story + Mission

We are partners who are passionate about postpartum! 

Though I, Kayla, have been interested in birth and postpartum work for years, I discovered my true calling for postpartum caregiving following the birth of our beloved son, Maddox. 

After a beautiful, comfortable pregnancy and a long, intense birth with unforeseen complications, we experienced the most healing, magical


Sacred Window. It was the perfect postpartum time full of love, snuggles, rest, warming foods, quality time for the three of us to bond and find our rhythm. Both of us quickly realized that not only were we profoundly grateful for this experience, but we wanted to help other postpartum families achieve this as well. 

I (Kayla) provide in-home postpartum care with a focus on “mothering the mother” and Xavier provides support for the father/partner if desired. He is also the primary chef and cooks Ayurveda-inspired meals to nourish the whole family. (*Please note we are not Ayurvedic practitioners.) 

Our deepest desire is to nourish + nurture the postpartum family bringing compassion, connection, + care to every experience. 

Benefits of services

  • Physical Support

    Physical support can be a myriad of things during the postpartum time: tidying up your living space, running errands, entertaining older siblings, assisting with newborn care so parents can shower, rest, etc. Whatever physical support looks like for you, we are here to accommodate (as long as it’s within our scope of practice of course!).

  • Emotional Support

    Healing from pregnancy + birth can be an emotional journey just as much as it is a physical one. And healing is not always linear. One of the primary roles of a postpartum doula is to actively listen to clients, to gently and quietly support them with a calm and loving presence.

  • Knowledge/experience

    It is a doula’s duty to remain up-to-date on the latest evidence based information and research pertaining to newborn and infant care, as well as care for the birthing person, and inform families of the most pertinent information for them in a non-judgmental and helpful way.

  • Breastfeeding success

    Studies show that postpartum doulas and other support persons who encourage (and educate) breastfeeding people during their breastfeeding journey increase the likelihood of breastfeeding success.

  • Nourishment

    Never underestimate the power of a warm meal during the initial weeks postpartum! Food is life and we put love, energy, and time into everything we serve. We have spent countless hours researching the ideal recipes to serve our postpartum families (most of these with Ayurvedic origins), meals intended to nourish, comfort, and heal. We carefully gather/source our ingredients and we cook with care!

  • Increased confidence

    Research has shown that having a support system during the postpartum time can boost confidence, elevate oxytocin levels, and even increase milk supply!

  • Resources/Community

    We can provide you with ample resources to leave you feeling best supported and ensure that your family is thriving upon cessation of our services. We believe in continuity of care and community. Helping you build your village is essential and we are here to help!

Our Packages/Offerings

       Consultations are free and we do offer payment plans and sliding scale options and discounts. Ask us about options!
Doula Drop-In Service

Prices Vary

This is our “build-your-own” postpartum care plan designed to make services more accessible and affordable for everyone because we firmly believe that everyone deserves postpartum support! 

We offer extended doula services (past the initial six weeks) & hourly rates/packages. 

This option is great as a gift for the pregnant person in your life! Gift certificates are available.


Mama Wellness Package


Mamas matter! This package focuses on mama and includes: 

  • One 75 minute postpartum planning session (in person or virtual) during the prenatal time
  • 4 in-home postpartum visits (2 hours each)
  • A mini postpartum care kit
  • Two meal deliveries that each include a main dish + snack + warming beverage (meals will be delivered during postpartum home visits) 


Postpartum Planning Session


This option is ideal for all pregnant folks. It is an option that is affordable to everyone and can truly make all the difference during your Sacred Window! 

A postpartum planning session covers: 

  • Postpartum nutrition 
  • Setting up a meal train
  • Important resources 
  • Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder signs & symptoms
  • Support plan
  • Home setup
  • Postpartum education/concerns
  • And so much more! 

Sessions can be done over the phone, via Zoom or FaceTime, or in person (for an additional $6 fee) 

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